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Coming from an artistic family I’ve always had a knack for drawing and have occasionally dabbled with other artistic pursuits throughout my life. My formal education and career path, however, focused on biology and environmental education, with a gradual shift from managing educational programming to producing publications. While those skill sets remain in my toolbox, I am taking classes at Museum of Fine Arts Houston's Glassell Studio School and am now focused on my education and development as a fine artist. 

Many of my early works were bound up in representing what IS…highly realistic representations of physical objects, animals, plants, and people. Recently I’ve worked to expand my horizons, loosening up in both style and ideation. Currently, my works are often nature-inspired, sometimes figurative and realistic, other times abstract or conceptual. I’m an artist exploring the realm of what is possible and unbound by adherence to any particular media, technique, or subject matter. 

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